Thursday, November 23, 2006

रस्तों से प्यार हो गया

रात के इस उजाले मे,
मैं अब भी जाग रहा हँ,
इन टूटे-फूटे रस्तों पर,
मैं अब भी भाग रहा हूँ।

दिन तो कब का ढल गया।
आ गया गन्तव्य कब का।
संगीत तो कब का ठहर गया।
मैं अब भी 'राग' रहा हँ।

(उत्तर की खोज़ मे)
इस काफ़िले के संग चलते-चलते,
उद्देश्य कहीं खो गया।
मंज़िलो की तलाश मे
शायद, रस्तों से प्यार हो गया।


(Have fallen in love with the road.)

In the 'light' of the night
I am still awake.
On these shredded, eroded road
I am still sprinting. but

The dusk is long gone.
The target is already attained.
The music has stopped a long time ago.
I am still singing. why?

In the quest of answer:
While walking with this pack,
The target has smeared away.
In search of avenues,
I have fallen in love with the road.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi manish,
its an amaging poem, very close to the reality.
i realy liked it, and on the eve of new year when i don't have any thing to do, im enjoing your poems.
i can realize the affection which u have developed with the path to the destiny, bcoz i have seen u to some extend passing through it.
-an admirer of your poems and sketchs without any big identity.